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No doubt you are familiar with your Documents of Freedom, but please take some time to review them again. Slowly, and carefully, as if your way of life depended on it.

America’s Declaration of Independence

Our Bill of Rights

The U.S. Constitution

State Constitutions

In this modern age of political power grabs and overreaching federal authority, it’s easy to forget that the People created the States, and the States created the Federal Government. Not the other around.

Yet it is inarguable that many Americans have accepted the dangerous notion that the States are subordinate to that General Government. Perhaps they have grown weary of resisting; perhaps the rigors of everyday life have consumed them.

So again, we plead – please reread these famous charters.

Understand that they have no meaning unless we give meaning to them.

Without you?— without all of us?— they are nothing more than rotting pieces of browning parchment. That goes for your State Constitutions and Bill of Rights as well.

The words and principles and laws therein will remind you of who we are as a People and Nation.

You will remember what Liberty is all about.

You will recall that to which we are entitled by the Laws of God and Nature, and not what a government of man allows us.

You will replenish your soul.

You will revive your faith.

You will renew that spirit which will help to carry us all to victory.

# # #


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