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The Patriot Fourth Estate Takes on the Fifth Column

Right to Keep and Bear Arms: Some ruminating on rifles, militias, and the recent attacks by the left on the Second Amendment from some respected American thinkers.

By William Sullivan?at American Thinker

Is the Second Amendment for Just the Militia? Leftists lost this battle long ago, because suggesting that the Second Amendment applies only to protect a “state-sponsored militia” and not “the people” was always a losing battle when fought on the grounds of reason.??The only way this “militia” boondoggle could succeed would be through revisionist assumptions about a “living Constitution” and judicial activism, not observation of history or honest appraisal of our Constitution’s purpose. [READ MORE]

By J.L. Woodruff?at American Thinker

What Is a Militia, Anyway??As??a simple declarative sentence, despite the unnecessary use of commas typical of 18th-century writing, the amendment is perfectly clear to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of English.??Yet in recent decades, it has become the source of lies, distortion, and obfuscation by assorted opponents of the Bill of Rights who claim that only members of a militia may own guns. [READ MORE]

By Leann Horrocks?at American Thinker

‘Assault Weapon’: The Semantic Trojan Horse.?The expression “assault weapon” is a semantic Trojan horse that represents a real threat to our constitutional rights.??Since it does not define the weapons in question, it can be used to define anything people want to get rid of, starting with semi-automatic long guns and ending with revolvers and even ammunition.??“Banning” such weapons means a whole lot more than merely ceasing their sale; it addresses the guns already in the hands of citizens.??It addresses this issue through the holy grail of lefties everywhere: confiscation.?[READ MORE]

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